To The 2020 Seniors

Story & graphic by Alexis Brownlie

Senior year is a time for hard work, self-reflection and fulfillment. This is a precious time for students as they enter their last few semesters as a college student.

Some students can’t wait to be done and finally earn their degree they have been working for since before they could remember. Others hope this final year would never end. As a senior, it’s important to remember where you started off.

Senior year is filled with a lot of “last times.” It’s important to realize that hard work pays off in the long run.

Central Michigan University senior Cristina Pizzimenti shares her love for CMU.

“CMU gave me a place to belong, a place to make long-lasting friendships, and a place to be accepted. The professors and my peers of the CMU community shaped me into the person I am today and helped me become a more confident version of myself. I owe my personal and professional growth to my four years at CMU,” Pizzimenti said.

The best advice when trying to navigate through your senior year is to simply take on each day with a positive outlook. Go with the flow and know that there are so many people in the same situation or even just beginning this crazy journey called “college.”

Senior Brooke Green has been impacted by CMU in more ways than one.

“My last 4 years at CMU have impacted me in a countless amount of ways. I have created ever lasting friendships, learned endless life lessons, overcame many hardships and made memories I’ll have forever. I thank CMU for allowing me to grow as a strong individual and preparing me for what’s next to come,” Green said.

If you are a senior trying to figure out what is next in store for you, take a moment and appreciate the work you have done thus far. Sometimes it’s difficult to cherish your current success without worrying about what’s next.

To all of the many college seniors, celebrate and enjoy these times of accomplishment. Congratulations class of 2020 and best of luck!