Top 10 YouTube beauty gurus

Whether you like it or not, New Year’s was the first blank page of your 365 page book. Why not write a good one and follow through with the “new year, new me” quote?

C’mon, ladies. How many of you want to tweak your beauty routine in a cost-efficient way? If you’re one of the few who answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Rather than seeking advice from your mother or a girlfriend, teach yourself how to properly fill your eyebrows and curl your hair through YouTube videos. There are hundreds of easily accessible beauty tutorials on the internet.

However, here’s the million-dollar question: Where does one start?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 10 must follow YouTube beauty channels. Let’s begin.


10. The MM&L Show with 46,036 subscribers

That’s right! Welcome Michelle Money from “The Bachelor” and Laura Armstrong. Together, the dynamic duo empowers beautiful women with their ultimate beauty secrets.

9. Karissa Pukas with 437,283 subscribers

If you have long, beautiful hair, check out this blonde bombshell’s YouTube tutorials, especially “Bun-Tastic ‘Ballerina’ Bun” and “Sexy Holiday Hair (& Huge Giveaway).” Talk about transforming from day to night.

8. Chloe Morello with 580,251 subscribers

What’s not to love about this Australian fashion, health, and beauty lover? Aside from creating videos, this young woman produces VEET Beauty, serves as a beauty ambassador for CLEO Magazine, and works as a beauty editor. She clearly knows what she’s talking about.

Personal favorite: “Get ready with me; MY BIRTHDAY!”

7. Elle Fowler with 1,189,295 subscribers

If you consider yourself to be a feminist princess who loves all that glitters, Elle Fowler is the beauty guru for you. Her channel covers anything and everything beauty related – morning routine, get-ready-with-me, and bedtime routine. What’s not to love?

6. Lauren Curtis with 1,283,637 subscribers

World, meet Lauren Curtis. Although celebrities inspire her gorgeous beauty tutorials, her lessons on the basics are the absolute best. That’s right, ladies. She successfully demonstrates a full-proof fake tan and foundation routine.

5. MissGlamorazzi with 2,215,145 subscribers

Calling all everyday girls! If you are on a broke college student budget looking for affordable makeup hauls and easy makeovers, Miss Glamorazzi will appeal to you.

4. AndreasChoice with 2,318,619 subscribers

Although beauty and hair tutorials are great, Andrea takes her channel to another level. That’s right, she demonstrates nail art. Next time you’re looking for chocolate covered nails or a homemade matte look, check out AndreasChoice.

3. Zoella with 3,651,681 subscribers

Who would have thought the British Invasion would still be in action a semi-centennial later? As we merge into the year 2014, Zoella continues to take the world by storm with her awesome quick and easy hair and makeup tutorials. Her spunky, upbeat personality shines through and even makes pamper evening tutorials fun!

2. Bethany Mota with 4,890,871 subscribers

Welcome the teenage Cali beauty guru, Bethany Mota. This young soul joined the YouTube world in early 2009 and has prospered ever since. Although her videos primarily target high school students, college woman can relate. Who doesn’t love a sick day and after workout tutorial?

1. Michelle Phan with 5,673,928 subscribers

Ranking in at No. 1 is the most subscribed YouTube beauty channel — Michelle Phan. As a veteran beauty guru, Phan offers women detailed tutorials on anything and everything. If you’re in need of everyday makeup tricks or a movie-inspired makeup look, Michelle Phan is the beauty guru for you.