Top 3: Comic Costumes

Picking a Halloween costume may be one of the most challenging decisions you have to make this semester.

With endless possibilities, where does one start in finding the perfect costume? Thanks to Spirit Halloween store in Mount Pleasant, we compiled a few of the most popular comic-inspired costumes this fall.

Harley Quinn

Ever since the “Suicide Squad” trailer hit the internet over the summer featuring the fierce Harley Quinn, this costume has been on the radar this Halloween for comic fans everywhere.

“This costume is hard to keep on the shelves. If you want this Harley Quinn costume you might want to call ahead and make sure it’s stocked,” Store Manager, Karl Green said.

Harley Quinn is not only known to kick-butt in comics, but also for her bubbly and outgoing personality. Try playing around with Harley’s signature red and black with some face paint or even dressing up this look with a pair of red nylon stockings.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an all time classic, and who wouldn’t want to take on the persona of one of the most powerful females for a night? You just can’t go wrong with this super cute costume.

The package features a red, white and blue corset top and a red cape. To complete the look of the heroine, pair the costume with a pair of black combat boots and a gold headband.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You can thank the recent remake of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for the surge of college students painted green with the possible accessary of pizza. Depending on which character you choose (Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo or Donatello), you can play up each of the colors that represents them.

This particular costume collection comes with a green top, yellow turtle belly, purple goggles and a pair of green spandex shorts.

If you’re really trying to turn some heads at a Halloween party, bring along the green mask, green turtle shell and ninja nunchucks to complete this iconic costume.

There are plenty of costumes to choose from at the Spirit Halloween and other stores in Mount Pleasant. Halloween is just a few days away – Who will you morph into this season?