On Embracing the Uncertainty in your Twenties

Welcome to your twenties, where the seas of adulthood crash in and our swimming skills are tested. While thrilling, the current is undeniably terrifying.

In this period, we face a contradiction.

A contradiction of experiencing everything new while choosing a specific path that guarantees stability. We are living to make serious decisions that not only effect our present, but also our future.

With pressures to find the perfect job in order to create a stable bank account, we often question, “Is this for me?” Sometimes it feels as if we are a part of a Nicholas Sparks novel featuring our uncertain goals and Ryan Gosling demands, “What do you want!?”

As I make my final rounds at CMU, I constantly question if this path is fitting for my life in general. Are the grinding hours of frustration and growth worth committing to after graduation? However, if I am questioning a career path, would I be giving up and limiting my opportunities? The “what ifs” circle around in my head and continue to grow on me like a clinging vine.

With the expenses of life and rigorous loans, money also becomes a huge part of the choices of life equation that terrifies us deeply. However, if you are only focused on a career that provides a comfortable paycheck then there should be some re-evaluation.

As I focus on my hesitant thoughts,  I realize there is a whole life ahead of me. At this age, there is time to apply new interests that connect the skills of the old. It’s all about what you experience and your ability to test the waters in order to learn.

Although as students we have signed a specific major, we still have an ability to get involved in other passions and interests. Face it, we need all the opportunities we can get when graduation hits, it is just prioritizing new opportunities and creating balance. Attending a university that provides opportunities with a diversity of involvements and activities is a blessing at our fingertips.

So we’re just going to say it – uncertainty is normal.

While most people seem to be ‘mums-the-word’ on the topic of uncertainty, I believe it’s okay because we are still developing into the people we want to be. Whether you believe it or not, everything isn’t meant to be figured out, which makes life exciting and mysterious.