Top five fall fashion colors

The color fashion report for Fall 2012 was released by Pantone, a color forecasting and reporting company, in March of this year. Pantone forecasted 10 eye-catching colors: French Toast, Honey Gold, Pink Flambé, Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Bright Chartreuse, Olympian Blue, Titanium, Rhapsody and Rose Smoke. Across Central’s campus, five of these colors are most prominent, and many students have added these colors to their fall wardrobe.


1. Titanium (Illinois freshman Cara Kondziela)

This deep gray is a turn on the quintessential neutral, which makes it a pleasant element of any outfit. Titanium’s popularity can no doubt be accredited to its ability to both blend and pop. Try incorporating Titanium into your outfits this fall! Build around a titanium top like Cara’s to have ultimate creative freedom, or throw in accessories, such as scarves or hats, for a pop of the icy metal color.



2. Tangerine Tango (Illinois sophomore Nina Muzik)
A tangy orange is a great color for fall! It has just the right amount of intensity to capture attention and add a warm feel to any wardrobe. Try wearing this color in solid tops for a calm fall sensation, or in sweaters, cardigans and pea coats for a bold appeal.





3. Honey Gold (Traverse City freshman Juline Kotarski)

One of the favorites this fall, this calm, warmer shade of gold is a perfect pair with the fall chill. Warm up your wardrobe with honey in small doses like Juline’s blouse, or combat the cold with this gold’s warming abilities in your scarves and fall outerwear.


4. Ultramarine Green (Rockford sophomore Lexi Merchant)

This cool shade of green is a contrast to the warmer colors seen this fall, and it is quite refreshing. With its contrast, Ultramarine will definitely blend well with neutrals, such as honey gold. Try this one in a pattern paired with your favorite colors.


5. Olympian Blue (Grand Haven freshman Tate VerDuin)

The soft, cool blues of summer have transitioned into Olympian Blue for the fall. Tate incorporated it into her ensemble in high volume with her open cardigan. Substitute your black and neutrals with this deep blue (yes, even your bottoms!), and pair it with vibrant colors for a standout fall look.