Top five ways to be bold

Contrary to popular belief, unique taste and style choice can exist on college campuses. Everyone has his or her own unique style, and being unique is one surefire way to be bold and stand out in a crowd. Embrace your unique style and mesh these five bold trends with your unique instincts to bring bold fashions to campus.

1.     Bold Prints

Wear bold prints to express your personality as you stand out on campus. Prints can be bold through their colors, shapes or size of the pattern, with some of the best patterns being bold through color and size. While neon colors thrive during warmer seasons, pops of bright greens and highlighter yellows make interesting patterns that contrast the season’s predominant colors, giving the eye something worth looking at.


2.     Bold Lips

Don’t shy away from the bold lip trend —dare to wear a bold lip color to get noticed. Anyone can pull off a pair of intriguing lips; all you need to do is find a shade that complements your skin and accentuates your eyes and lip structure. When looking for your color, try one of Revlon’s twenty shades of ColorBurst Lip Butter.


3.     Bold Accessories

Being bold isn’t just limited to the clothes you wear. Your ability to stand out is enhanced with accessories that defy normality. Make your ensemble more interesting with colorful bags, hats and scarves of colors that contrast with the rest of your outfit. Large jewelry with interesting stones or accents is also a great way to amplify your attire.


4.     Bold White

Nothing says “bold” more than wearing white after Labor Day. Once a fashion faux pas, wearing white after Labor Day has become fashionable. Make this trend popular on campus by wearing white pants. White looks great with virtually any color, so get creative. Try wearing your white pants with a bold printed blouse, and have fun with a colorful belt.  A white blazer is also very fashionable with a bold top.


5.     Bold Details

Intricate designs and patterns naturally catch the eye. Give onlookers something bold to look at by incorporating interesting details into your ensemble. Use boldly designed accessories to add a point of emphasis. Also, because of their proportion and size, tops and bottoms with intricate patterns have the potential to be most eye-catching. Still, try not to overdo your accessories. Allow your bold detail to stand alone, either on top or on the bottom. Make a necklace your main piece of jewelry when wearing bold details on your bottoms. Incorporate interesting bangles and rings with interesting tops or shoulder bags.