Top Pizza Places in Mount Pleasant

Pizza is a go-to food for many college students. Aside from being a cheap and easy food, it’s available nearly every hour of the night.

Late night study sessions, after-party cravings or a just an old-fashioned hangover all lead to a craving for this delicious entree.

Students at Central Michigan University have 19 places to pick from when choosing a pizza joint – and that’s just within the Mount Pleasant zip code. Having trouble deciding where to order from? Below are a few of of the top pizza places to narrow down your selection.

The Cabin

Popular among CMU students since 1934, The Cabin has daily pizza and drink specials. Enjoy your dinner while singing some karaoke or participating in trivia on Monday nights. The famous “Cabin sticks” are also a crowd favorite that brings in many students year round.

Pisanello’s Pizza

A classic Italian restaurant located downtown, this is a popular choice in a convenient location. Pisanello’s offers gourmet taste for a reasonable price. A variety of specialty pizzas are available or you can create your own. Subs, salads and a buffet are also available. So next time you are downtown, stop in and create your own personal pizza.

Hunter’s Ale House

Hunter’s is a great place to enjoy a delicious pizza while having a good time. Students come here to play trivia on Tuesday nights, drink beer, sing karaoke and of course, eat pizza. Bands also perform live at Hunter’s, creating a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Pixie Restaurant

Pixie Restaurant has a wide variety of food to meet any other cravings you may have while enjoying a slice of pizza. Pixie’s is located off Mission Street, not too far from campus. People in Mount Pleasant have been enjoying the food here since 1948. Alumni often tell future students to stop in here to grab some of their famous pizza.

The Malt Shop

The Malt Shop is located near the north side of campus. It’s a short walk from any residence hall (or party on Main Street). A variety of foods, such as sandwiches and various ice creams, can also be enjoyed with your pizza. Next time you are hungry and cold walking home from a party, stop in and warm up with a pizza here.