Video: #LiveLikeReed Glow Run

Take in the beauty, give back to your community and most importantly, live like Reed.

These are the things Reed Phillips’ family stressed at the #LiveLikeReed Glow Run on Saturday.

Phillips graduated from Central Michigan University’s athletic training program and always lived life to the fullest. He encouraged his friends, family, and even complete strangers to take in the beauty around them and explore the world, all while expressing kindness and compassion for others.

Last July, Phillips died in a plane crash in New York – a beautiful soul taken without warning. While his friends and family were devastated over losing a loved one, they knew Phillips would want them to live a happy life. To show Phillips that he had taught them important life lessons during his time here, his friends and family put together a glow run to give back in his name.

Friends, family and community members alike gathered at CMU on Saturday to participate in the event. The #LiveLikeReed Glow Run helped to raise money for a scholarship fund in Phillips’ name. Phillips’ parents gave $5,000 to the scholarship fund, but would ultimately like for it to become a long-term, endowed scholarship to help other students live their dreams.

Video by Kaiti Chritz, Rich Drummond and Mary LaVictor



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    Paige Phillips

    I would like to watch and share this to promote this year’s race being held April 23 but the site is not working for some reason. Any suggestions?

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