Trendy things to be obsessed with

The new year brings new season trends. Things this spring to be obsessed with.

Spring Obsessions


Every season the world of fashion discovers some new and unusual trends and the new year has definitely brought some of my favorites. These obsessions and inspirations are sure to transition you from the boring heavy winter wardrobe to warm weather ready.

1.Glitter. Lots of glitter. I went to Urban Outfitters recently and bought a giant palette of gel glitter eye shadow. It has a broad range of colors and they’re all very bright. It is a little pricey, but totally worth it. Usually when I go out I swipe one color underneath my eye, dragging it out past the edge. I then apply a different, softer color on the top eyelid, which creates a cat-eye look. Applying glitter to the collar bone and upper arm and shoulders area can also give your outfit extra sparkle. Spraying a powder brush with hairspray and dipping it into dry glitter is usually a good technique to allow the glitter to stick for most of the night.

2. The Free People website. If you are a woman and have not visited the store/website, you have not lived a full life. Seriously. Go to the website right after you read this. Besides the breathtaking clothing, the Free People blog is an awesome way to waste time. There are different category links, but my favorite is the DIY. They have the coolest and easiest crafts I’ve ever made.

3. Curling hair with a sock. I saw this video on Stumble Upon where a girl shows you how to get great curls without using heat. I was pretty skeptical because everyone knows trying things that you see online, more often than not, do not turn out at home the way they did in the demonstration. But this method actually works! The only downside is the time it takes, but all I had to do is sleep with the sock in my wet hair.

4. Victoria’s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy body mist. I received the perfume as a gift for Christmas and I am obsessed. It smells like something warm and cozy just like it says. It also smells slightly like cotton candy and has lasted way longer than I expected. Yum …

5. Thigh high black/grey socks and colorful pants. The socks look good with skirts and shorts and a nice plus is how much longer they can make your legs look. The colorful pants make it easy to have an interesting outfit with little effort as well. Some of the most affordable pants can be found at Pac Sun and Forever 21.

6. Colorful hair is another big trend right now. I recently dyed mine blue on a whim and it turned out to be a good idea. I then changed it to pink and red. Buying the semi-permanent color is a much smarter way to go if you’re planning on doing this though. I had a rough time getting it out and I can’t imagine the struggle permanent dye would be.

7. Jumpsuits are also amazing! I purchased three over Christmas break and I still want more. All of the stores like American Apparel, UO and Free People carry different styles. They’re comfortable and look cute with boots and a jacket. They are easily transitional as well. Come warm weather months,  accessorize with a vibrant belt, embellished sandal and a patterned clutch.