Valentines’ Day doesn’t have to be a Drag for CMU


Story by Anna Konen

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with emotions, from happiness to love and anger to resentment, it is a day a lot of people have a lot of strong feelings about.

This year, Central Michigan’s Program Board will be putting on an event on Feb. 15 that caters to those who might not have heart-eyes for a special someone this Valentine’s Day.

The Anti-Valentines Drag show is a new event coming to campus and has been crafted by Lecture Director Jenna Worthington and Film Director Maezie Ervin.

“With it being so close to Valentine’s Day and all people on campus that just want to hang out with friends or are  in a long distance relationship we wanted to give them an opportunity to have a dinner and a show,” Worthington said.

The event  is catered and will be a full course Italian meal with five different drag queens and kings including Cocky Devine, Betty J, Velma Violet, Cherry Poppins, and Bentley James.

The set list of the kings and queens is based off of the Valentine’s Day theme. Each of the performers have created a unique look and creative list for the performance and are very excited, as are the students, with the show being sold out.