Watch CMU Students Try The “No Mirror Makeup” Challenge

Story by Devon Rademacher
Video by Lindsay Gerber

Laughter and smiles were all around the Towers lobby Wednesday, Sept. 21 as Sigma Lambda Gamma put on a “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” for Central Michigan University students.

The title says it all – eight girls had to put on makeup without using a mirror, with only ten minutes.

Round 1 was applying their own makeup, eye shadow and eyeliner.

Round 2 was blindfolding a partner and putting on their makeup, with bright pink lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner.

Round 3, the final round, was again doing their own makeup, this time a full look with eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush and brows.

We talked with Sigma Lambda Gamma’s Vice President of Entity Operations, Maricella Reyes.

She said the multi-cultural sorority has mainly put on more serious events, focusing on women’s empowerment or Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I think this was fun for us to do, and so I think we’ll definitely think about putting this back on again.”

Watch the video for a recap of the challenge, and maybe try it for yourself.