We Love Your T-Shirt

T-shirts with logos or slogans are fun ways for those donning them to express themselves and send a message that speaks for itself.

Since Central Michigan University prides itself on being a place for self expression, it is no surprise we were able to find many clever tees around campus and get a quick glimpse of students’ personal styles and tastes.

That’s why we walked around campus and found our favorite tees. Take a look at our top faves below.

1. To begin, it only makes sense to pay our respect to the ‘90s with senior, Jeff Voss’s “All That” logo tee. If you are unfamiliar with “All That” (moment of silence for you), it was a Nickelodeon series that featured Amanda Bynes, Nick Canon, Kenan and Kel, Drake Bell and many other spunky teen comedians. The show was similar to SNL with its comedic sketches and live performances, but was directed toward tweens.

Currently flashing back to the “Totally Kyle” skits right now? Childhood memories easily resurface just from recognizing this awesome shirt.

Photo by Amy Cain

2. Daesean Ashby, junior, rocks a defiant T-shirt. The statement on his tee reads “I have control over my life” accompanied by a PlayStation controller. This shirt represents his fun, gaming lifestyle with a serious twist.

Finding control in life can be frustrating and we believe some difficult situations hard to grasp. However, our reactions to misfortunate events are one hundred percent in our control.

Photo by Amy Cain

3. If you are a strong, independent person who doesn’t depend on the advice of others (other than your academic advisor), here is a shirt for you. Freshman Lex Zell’s T-shirt clearly states “of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice.”

Since we are the owners of our lives, sometimes our best advice comes from within.

Photo by Amy Cain

4. This top represents students of CMU that hail from the Upper Peninsula. Sophomore Hannah Marinoff gave recognition to the righteous peninsula with this sweatshirt. Since 906 is the peninsula’s sole area code, there is a collective understanding among “yooper” natives. Cleverly placed in the middle of the “zero,” the shape of the U.P. is illustrated.

This sweatshirt encourages even the most southern “trolls” to explore and witness what the Upper Peninsula has to offer.

Photo by Amy Cain

5. Sophomore Nick Babcock dons a t-shirt that states “Welcome to the dork side, we have pie,” a parody on Star War’s “Welcome to the Dark Side.”

For non-geometry lovers, hopefully the pie they offer is tastier than the number 3.141592653.

Photo by Amy Cain