What about your friends?: L.e.g.a.C. hosts event discussing how to navigate friendship

Ciaira Pope (treasurer), Samahjay Hitchcock (Vice President), Tiarra Weddle (Co-President), Laila Lloyd (Co-President), Marshall Dennis (SGA Rep) (left to right) Photo by: Elizabeth Robinson

L.e.g.a.C., a new organization on campus, is working to build a community where people can have conversations that are authentic and impactful. The group’s name stands for Listening, Engaging, and Growing Authentically through Conversation. 

To kick off the semester L.e.g.a.C, hosted an  event on September 13 called “What about your friends?” which explored the dimensions of navigating friendships as a young adult 

They facilitated large and small group activities for participants to evaluate where they’re at in their friendships and what qualities they look for in those relationships. 

Particpants shared advice about friendship like don’t pour your all into your friends because you need to give yourself your energy too and don’t let one failed friendship deter you from finding more friends. 

Students gathered at The Towers Basketball court at Central Michigan University to converse on September 13, 2023. Photo by: Elizabeth Robinson