Why I’m Throwing Away My Animal Tested Beauty Products

Story by Devon Rademacher
Photo by Anne Langan

I recently got a bunny. Not just for fun or to take cute pictures of, (though it is a perk). My rabbit, Latte, is a free roaming pet who has a personality much like other animals do.

I’ve had dogs and cats throughout my life, but never an animal that was just mine. That might be why she’s so special.

As Latte and I play each night, I can’t help but think about the alternatives that could have happened to her.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, more than 170,000 rabbits are used in the United States for cosmetic testing. A rabbit has also become synonymous with animal testing.

You can explain to me that in order to ensure safety for humans, animal testing is necessary. But no animal deserves to live in pain – skinned, burned and killed afterwards. Especially when there are many alternatives using computer modeling, human cells and tissue.

After thinking about animal cruelty and testing, and how many brands are putting their foot down to the ugly practice, I have decided to as well.

I have begun to look up each of my cosmetic and beauty products like makeup, face wash, shampoo and conditioner and make a note of which ones test and which do not. The ones that do test I (slowly) am throwing away (makeup is expensive!). But I have already thrown out shaving cream, face moisturizer and some foundation that have been tested on animals.

The ones that are not tested on animals I’ve made a note of, and will continue to support those brands.

This is not to stand up to the big corporations or make a scene, though I hope more people will do this. It’s for the love and well-being of my bunny – how can I say I love my pet, while using products that harm her brothers and sisters?

It’s a conflict of interest I would like to not be a part of anymore.

The situation is much like having a dog, but being an advocate for dog-fighting. It just doesn’t work and is hypocritical to cheer on the very thing that harms something you claim to love.

I’m saying no to big cosmetic brands that don’t care for the bunnies, and other animals of the world.

I think Latte would agree.

A list of brands that don’t animal test can be found on PETA’s website, but I’ve made a list of some of my favorite products that are cruelty free and bunny approved.

1. e.l.f (beauty)

2. Shea Moisture (hair and beauty)

3. Burt’s Bees (beauty)

4. Simple (beauty)

5. BareMinerals (beauty)