Wine Wednesday: Corks vs. Screw Caps

Everybody knows the difference between red and white wine, but what about the difference between what seals the wine bottle itself? There’s been a lengthy debate between wine connoisseurs for years about what sealer is ultimately the best for wine: Corks or screw caps?

Both are perfectly acceptable, especially for a college student searching for the cheapest bottle of wine the market has to offer. The worldwide demand for both wine and corks is growing, so it’s important to know about the future of wine preservation.


Cork Pros:

Natural and renewable source

Long-term aging

Preferred among connoisseurs throughout history


Cork Cons:


Possible low quality, causing TCA ‘cork’ taint (a dank odor and moldy taste)

Limited natural resource


Screw Cap Pros:

More affordable

No TCA ‘cork’ taint

Easy to open


Screw Cap Cons:

Some don’t allow for the wine to breathe

Associated with ‘cheap’ wine

Made from non-renewable resources