Wine Wednesday: 10 commandments of wine

Simply put, drinking wine is an art form, and for most people, when chugging a cheap class of Sutter Home, those rules are easily forgotten.

Below are some simple rules to live by when entering wine country.

1. Honor thy wine

This wine is a gift. You must appreciate where it’s coming from, and by doing so, you appreciate your taste buds as well.

2. Expand thy palate

Try to seek out and taste different kinds of wine from a variety of regions and countries every now and then. Your effort to try new things will expand your perspective and make life richer.

3. Respect your limits

Wine drunk can be a fun drunk, however, it can leave you filled with regret the morning after. Know your limits when drinking wine to avoid an awful hangover the next morning.

4. Not all wines are created equal

A great wine is not expensive, but it’s also not cheap. Be sure to spend a decent amount when buying wine, but don’t go too overboard. You don’t want an empty bank account after the weekend.

5. Share thy wine

Wine is best enjoyed with company. Whether it is a dinner party, celebrating graduation or a night in with Netflix and pizza, wine is always down for socializing.

6. Respect thy neighbor’s taste

Everyone’s taste is unique due to preference and personal experience. Don’t judge others if their only taste for wine is Merlot.

7. Wine deepens experience and experience deepens wine

You can always count on wine to enhance a night out. This drink can open you up to a world of ideas. Drinking a glass or two can provoke you to ask the deeper questions about life.

8. Ye shall drink a glass of water for every glass of wine

Drink your water and make sure you actually taste the wine. Each sip contains a single grape that took a year to grow, after all.

9. Enjoy young wines and savor aged wines

Drinking fresh wine is delightful – it’s crisp and refreshing to your taste buds. However, old wine is an honor – and a blast from the past (literally). Take advantage and appreciate a nice glass of aged Pinot Noir.

10. Wine is ever-changing

From the moment wine is created, it is constantly evolving. It changes slowly when being processed carefully, and then quickly ages once opened.