Wine Wednesday: Top low-calorie wines

We all know alcohol can provide a quick buzz, but also a lot of empty calories. Wine is no exception.

Depending on the wine, one glass can pack up to 110-300 calories. This is due to sweetness, alcohol content and serving size. Because of the alarming amount of hidden sugar, calories and carbs in wine, low-calorie wine options are becoming more popular.

Lindeman’s Early Harvest

Lindeman’s was the first major brand in Australia to launch a lower-alcohol wine in 2007, with a 25 percent reduction in alcohol. This red wine is 90 calories per 5-ounce glass.

Bella Sauvignon Blanc

This brand is arguably the best-selling wine in the United Kingdom. At 9 percent alcohol and 90 calories per a 5-ounce glass, there is no going wrong.

Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest

This brand comes in a variety of different flavors with grapes picked early and harvested at night. One glass contains 100 calories at a 9.5 percent alcohol content.


Skinnygirl was created in 2009, kick-starting the low-calorie wine movement in the United States. One 5-ounce glass packs 100 calories.

The Skinny Vine

This California brand is up and coming this year, slowly competing with the Skinnygirl brand. Their wine contains 95 calories per 5-ounce glass.