Women’s Autumn Style Guide

Story by Jenna Boulter
Photography by Aubry Healy 

From the changing fall leaves to football season and pumpkin spice lattes, there are so many amazing things about fall time. But here in the style section, we tend to think fall fashion is the best of all – especially these fall trends.

For the Girl Who Likes to Stay Cozy

Blanket scarves are so in this season and will keep you warm during the cool autumn

months ahead. Pair a big cozy blanket scarf with a more simple top to make the scarf the showpiece of your outfit If a plaid isn’t your style, no worries; there are a variety of options. This look can be dressed up or dressed down. Make it look cozy with a sweater and leggings or dress it up with a long sleeve dress or sweater dress. It is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or walking to class in the chilly fall weather.

For the Girl Who Isn’t Afraid to Stand Out 

Dark colors are perfect for a fall look, and adding in the contrast of bright colors through a scarf, necklace or bold lip can take your fall look to the next level. Start with a simple base to your outfit, like a plain shirt or a classic pair of jeans. Then, add a pice that will stand out and take a simple outfit to something that stands out among the crowd.

Danielle Alexopoulos, Junior



For the Girl Who is Willing to take a Risk

Bring out your dark pieces from the depth of your closet to make your look more edgy. Trade the bright scarf with a trendy choker and dark lipstick.  To add to this edgy look include dark colors and pieces with metal hardware on them, like a leather jacket with zippers or buckles.


For the Girl on a Mission 

A utility or cargo piece can add that fall feel to your look. Other ways to jazz up your style include cargo pants or camoflauge accessories. This can be a simple look for everyday wear like walking to class or it can be dressed up by pairing a cargo vest or jacket with a fall dress to add another layer and another cute pice to take your outfit to the next level.