Accessories: Students Share the Perfect Addition to Their Outfits

Story by Janna Salimovic 

Every girl has their own way of accessorizing. There are many different ways to do so— whether it be with some jewelry or even accents to an outfit. A few girls at Central Michigan University share how they use their accessories on the daily.

Photo courtesy of Jenna Reece

Junior Jenna Reece has a few accessories she wears every day. The first is an Alex and Ani bracelet that has a compass on it. Reece received this as a gift for Christmas before she went away to college. She said that, to her it means she will always find her way back home. “Since I’m away at school, it’s comforting for me to wear and see every day,” Reece said.

Another accessory that Reece wears every day is her Apple Watch. She uses this to track her steps as well as her work outs. Reece also uses it in place of her phone sometimes. “I can text and receive calls on it and use many other apps without having my phone,” Reece said.

Photo courtesy of Megan Lee

Sophomore Megan Lee shows three different kinds of accessories she loves to use. The first is her hats. “Hats are so fun and can make a boring outfit super fun,” Lee said. She owns around 25 hats— from baseball hats, beanies, berets and more.

Another accessory that Lee adores is her hoop earrings. “I have so many different styles and sizes of hoops,” Lee said. Her usual place to buy them is from Forever 21. She said that they are affordable and have many different styles there to choose from. Her favorite pair of hoops were purchased at Macy’s and they’re the best earrings she owns. The brand is Essential Endless and they were purchased for $50. “I usually find them on sale, so I  don’t have to pay the full price,” Lee said.

Photo courtesy of Lexi Thompson

Junior Lexi Thompson doesn’t accessorize often, but when she does, she likes to keep it simple. Her favorite accessory is her gold cross necklace that she wears every day. “My grandma bought me this necklace for my first communion. It reminds me every day to always walk by my faith,” Thompson said. “It also goes great with any outfit.”

Another accessory Thompson wears to amplify her outfits every day is a hair scrunchie. She said has about 10 different colored scrunchies. “I wear them on my wrist to add something to my outfit, but I also wear them in case I want to put my hair up anytime during the day,” Thompson said.