Alpha Kappa Psi puts on Workplace Fashion Show

Alpha Kappa Psi puts on its first Workplace Fashion Show in the Bovee University Center.

First impressions are everything is what a campus fraternity stressed during its first workplace fashion show in the Bovee University Center.

Before this year’s annual career day on Oct. 1, the Alpha Kappa Psi professional business put on the show. The show was originally scheduled to start 4 p.m. but was changed to 6 p.m. to increase attendance.

“We are really glad we had a lot of people turn out,” Magenta Eggertson said, a member of the fraternity and a model for the show.

Students were taught the importance of dressing well for an interview. It can take an employer only ten seconds to evaluate whether a candidate is right for their company.

One of the biggest complaints the career services office receives from recruiters at the job fair is that students’ attire is too tight. When dressing professional, it is important to impress potential employers and not peers.

The fraternity modeled two looks: business casual and business professional.

For women, business casual includes a long sleeve collared shirt. Pants should not be too tight, and skirts must be either just above or below the knee.

Shoes can be either flats or heels with a closed toe. Keep makeup natural, hair pulled out of the face, and simple jewelry.

The business professional look for women is upgraded to a full suit with a jacket and bottom worn with a collared shirt. Whether the jacket be paired with a skirt or pant, it’s important for the colors to match. Hair and makeup is the same as business casual.

For business casual dress for men, short sleeve shirts are not recommended. A long sleeve button-down is preferred in a simple color tucked into pants. Shorts are not recommended, so wear a nice pair of slacks.

The fraternity suggested having a separate pair of pants used only for interviews.

For men, the business professional look also includes a suit jacket, pants and a collared shirt tucked in. Ties should not have loud prints, and should match the shirt.

Men should always have polished shoes with matching socks.

Some other tips the fraternity gave was for men make sure to be clean shaven. For everyone, make sure suits are free of dander and hair.

The fraternity suggested women shop for suits at stores such as JcPenney and Kohl’s, and to visit Maurices for button ups. For men, the suggestion was to purchase a suit from Men’s Warehouse.

Hanna Abboud, a fraternity member and speaker for the fashion show, stressed the importance of dressing to impress recruiters. She has seen a lot of students dressed unprofessionally.

“Make sure you are dressed to a T,” Abboud said. “And make sure you are confident.”

Career day will be held Oct. 1, in Finch Field house from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students who plan to attend are required to dress in business professional attire.