An Inside Look at Some CMU Friendships

Relationships aren’t all about couples and dates. Friendships are important too. These Central Michigan University students talk about their friendships and how it all started.

Photos by Aubry Healy

“Ashley is one of the more loving and kind hearted people there is. On any given day she can make me laugh so hard I cry.” – Kasey McGillvary

Ashley Guirey, senior from Novi (left) and Kasey McGillvary, senior from Mount Pleasant

Ashley Guirey, senior from Novi (left) and Kasey McGillvary, senior from Mount Pleasant

“We met in our HDF 307 class, we were both junior at the time. I honestly think we got along so well because our personalities compliment each other so well.” – Ashley Guirey

Deanna Toton, senior from Port Huron (left) and Autumn Brendel, senior from Holly (left)





“My favorite thing about Autumn is no matter how crazy I can get, she never judges me.” -Deanna Toton

“My favorite thing about mine and Deanna’s friendship is the honesty. She is the first person I have trusted with my life. I trust that no matter what I think, say, or feel she will support me and help me through it.” – Autumn Brendel


Shyam Patel (left) and Brendan Mantey (right)



“Brendan and I knew each other since Freshman year. We were not close, and pretty different in opinions, which we would later figure out. I’m glad we became friends when we did, because at that point we were ready to share camaraderie. We both had wisdom to share, that we were ready to understand. Throughout sophomore year, we grew closer friends. We both enjoyed learning how to be more productive and growing our minds. Being early risers allowed us to share and work on cool ideas related to tech, music and investing. Overall we make a good duo, being able to bounce off each other and working in a very synchronized way.” – Shyam Patel


Brian Ross, junior from Sterling Heights (left) and Andy Smilnak, junior from Romeo (right)


“We met at the end of our 11th grade year in high school. One day he drove me home after a musical. Then, we didn’t talk for that entire summer. Our senior year we were both heavily involved in the theatre program so we see each other almost every day. We ended up going to different schools our first year of college. Our sophomore year we found out that we were both transferring up here to Central and we made sure we were each others roommates.” -Brian Ross


Maddie Waier, sophomore from Grand Blanc (left) and Natalie Nuttall, sophomore from Farmington Hills (right)




“We found each other on a roommate app last year and ended up becoming good friends so we still live together! I like that she is always so kind and she’s an easy going person, which makes her a great person to be friends with.” -Maddie Waier

Richard Crawford, junior from Lincoln Park (left) and Chad Wagner, junior from Algonquin, Illinois (right)





“I ended up being switched into his room because of a mistake. He knew the other roommates so I was the random extra. We found out we have a lot of things in common then became pretty good friends.” -Richard Crawford



Lizzie VanAlst, senior from Cadillac (left) and Samantha MacDonnell, senior from Ludington (right)



“We played each other in tennis in high school. I was stuck between going to MSU and CMU and I posted on the CMU Facebook page to ask anyone if they wanted to play tennis at school then right after posting I said a quick prayer to ask for guidance on which school to go to, and Lizzie messaged me asking to be roommates and we’ve been roomies since. We haven’t fought once.” -Samantha MacDonnell


Shasta Rhodes, junior from Glennie (left) and Halima Abdi, junior from Grand Rapids (right)


“You’ve impacted my life so much. I think one of the best things I’ve ever gotten out of CMU was you. We just connected so fast. -Shasta Rhodes

You know when you’re having a really long day and you want to go home and tell somebody how it went, Shasta was the type of person that gave you that platform. I was always excited to go see her again because she was always a cheerful person and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Shasta is great at letting you be you.” -Halima Abdi