Friendship Style Spotlight: The Fashion Duo

Story and photos by Jenna Boulter

Meet fashion duo Amanda Belt and Alexa Painter, whose friendship started in their first week of college and has only grown stronger since. 

Belt and Painter are both fashion merchandising majors. They met the first week of classes in their freshman year. Quickly, the two found out they had a lot in common with their interests, especially their love for fashion.

Fast forward to junior year—they are now roommates and closer than ever. The two have been through much together throughout their time at CMU, from adjusting to college life to challenging classes that benefit from a push of encouragement from your best friend.

“I think we are such good friends because we are so similar in a lot of different ways. We have both gone through a lot of the same experiences, so it’s very easy for us to understand each other.”

-Amanda Belt

Although Belt and Painter both have a strong love for fashion and expressing their personal style through their outfits, they have somewhat different styles.

Their two styles differ from each other because Painter usually wears more neutrals and Belt tends to play more with color in her outfits.

“I’d say my style is pretty chic because I like to layer and wear a lot of neutral tones, but still have details in my apparel.”

-Alexa Painter

Painter describes her style as chic because of the layers she uses and the accessories she adds to her look. She tends to stick more with neutrals rather than lots of color to add to her chic look.

Belt describes her style as changing as she has gone through college. It used to be very preppy, but she describes it more as girly now, while she still changes it up on certain days and wears what she is feeling. With her style going from preppy, to girly and adding some more edgy aspects, it makes for something different each day.

For these two fashion is a huge part of their friendship they met in one of their first fashion classes, they can relate on the love for fashion and the love to play with different outfits and styles.

Although both do have differences in their styles, fashion will always bring these best friends together making a friendship to last a lifetime.