Cookies in a jar: The perfect Christmas gift?

Well, it’s now December and Christmas is closing in fast. If you’re like me, you have gifts to buy, parties to attend and family to spend time with. It’s the season for giving and spending.

For most college students, the spending part can be a financial burden. So, why get caught up in that game of being in debt? Heck, there will be plenty of debt when you graduate! Christmas giving doesn’t have to cost a lot. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Well, being the poor college student I am, I stay on the lookout for cheaper ways to do most anything. That includes gift giving.

If you can use basic math skills to figure out a measuring cup you are all set for my latest idea in affordable gift giving: homemade gift jar mixes.
To begin, grab some containers (such as Mason jars), decorative bottles or even Ziploc® containers. Ziploc® has some festive storage options, or you can recycle bottles, jars or other containers for the job.

The most common of these types of recipes are for cookies, brownies and muffins. But you could be creative enough to create drink, soup or cake mixes.
A simple recipe for chocolate chip cookies takes only flour, salt, baking soda, chocolate chips, brown sugar and granulated sugar (the basic white sugar). These few items layered in a Mason® jar, topped with a ribbon and a how-to prepare and bake it tag, could make a delicious yet simple gift for someone on your list.

For those on your list who like to barbecue, try tossing together some spices to make homemade meat rubs. Great flavors to enhance chicken, steak, pork or fish will get the die-hard griller to brush the snow off the grill and fire it up for dinner.

For the over 21 crowd, try making infused vodka.  While this option is a bit pricey it is easy to make. Adding vanilla beans, oranges or even jalapeno will give a distinct flavor to this one-of-a-kind gift.

There are inedible options as well. Try mixing course sea salt, found at natural food stores, with an essential oil of choice to make a fragrant, relaxing bath salt. Put the salts in a glass jar with a shell to use for the scoop and you have a beautiful, relaxing and simple gift.

Just remember, when giving any gift, know what your recipient likes. You don’t want to mix up the makings for peanut butter cookies for someone with a peanut allergy.

So, enjoy an affordable Christmas with a gift that shows you really care, because it was made by you.

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