Storm Newton: From small town to stardom

A small-town Michigan boy with big dreams broke into the Hollywood world at the age of 17. He started modeling for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch and went on to follow a career in music and song writing. He has done plays along with television shows and was named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s hottest guy without his shirt on in 2004. His most recent career move involved a cameo on E!’s hit reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” His name is Storm Newton, and he is just getting started.

Newton, 28, started modeling in grade school with the Barbizon Modeling Company after a representative came to his school job fair. At age 17, Newton took some advice to move to New York to chase his modeling career. It was while Newton was in New York that he discovered his musical talent and love for singing.

“In New York, I met a lot of different people from all walks of life,” Newton said. “They heard me sing and (told me) I had talent. I was shocked.”

From there, Newton said he was given the advice to move to LA.

After working with the band Stereo Martini out of Toronto, Newton is now putting together a promotional tour for his song, “On My Own.” He’s also doing some song writing and trying to work on a few albums.

“I’m trying to encompass everything,” Newton said. “Whether it’s on the management, writing or collaboration side, or doing television and creating shows, I am just trying to do it all while I have the ability to.”

Newton’s resume also includes doing ABC’s reality show “Dating in the Dark,” and having guest appearances on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh.” One of the things he is most proud of in his career is getting up in front of 2,500 people for the first time to sing and dance when he starred in different musicals.

Growing up, Newton said he didn’t have a lot of confidence in himself. Although he was involved in athletics in school, he was very shy and had a stuttering problem as a child. He said it was a terrifying experience to give a book report in from of classmates or to read out loud.

“By me being able to get up in front of those people and shine, and give them the best of what I had, was the biggest accomplishment of my life,” Newton said.

When it came to opportunities in Newton’s life, he had to do what was best for him and what put him in the best light.

He said he would consider every opportunity that arose in his career. He looks at every project to see if it’s beneficial to pursue. Newton has turned down projects that didn’t show him how he wanted to be seen or viewed. He said it’s good to listen and give everyone their five minutes, but if they haven’t said anything appealing, simply say no.

“Opportunities come few and far between,” he said. “When you have them, you have to at least consider them and weigh the options out.”

Newton said his nephews, Connor and Corbin, are what motivate him to keep going. He wants to show them they can live out their dreams, no matter how big they might seem.

“They inspire me to be a better person and a positive role model. I want to show them that as long as they believe in themselves and maintain their perseverance, anything is possible.”

In the midst of Newton’s successful career, he also teaches exercise classes at Barry’s Bootcamp, located in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The customers consist of more than just celebrities. He said it’s a place where all people come together, from nurses and teachers to casting directors and producers. It’s a place where everyone is welcomed, he said.

On the side, Newton also does personal training, which was featured on “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

“I am not exclusive to celebrities. I think that would be ridiculous and counterproductive to what I want to do,” Newton said. “Making money is always great and always has to be on your mind, especially when you are independent and living on your own with no one to support you.”

It was not always easy for Newton. He said he almost lost everything he worked for and once lived out of his car for two months. Despite this hard time, Newton said there has never been a time where he wanted to give everything up and move back home.

In his hometown, there are not many opportunities for him to advance. Newton said he still knows his roots and goes home frequently, but said his ambitions and drive do not lead him home.

“Big ambitions, big dreams,” Newton said.

Newton still has big dreams outside of the entertainment world that he still wants to fulfill. Newton said he would like to transition into politics someday and become President.

“It was always a dream of mine because, as I grow older, I have seen I have a unique ability to inspire people and find common ground and commonality no matter what walk of life a person comes from,” Newton said.

This is not the only big dream Newton still hopes to accomplish, he also wants to start a foundation for kids around the United States.

Newton wants this to be a place for inner-city kids, troubled kids, high-risk kids and those with different backgrounds to come together and have a safe place to go.

“A place where they can come and have a free voice, a place to find help with their studies, where music is a given to them and used as a vehicle for any creativity they may have,” Newton said.

Newton believes the kids are the future and there has to be more done than sitting them in a classroom and teaching at them. He said too many kids get thrown to the side and get lost.

Newton is currently focused on helping people come into the music industry. He said there are people who do not have the connections they need, so he is helping them contact the right people.

He does have advice for people wanting to follow him down the same trail he took. He said the business offers a lot of amazing things, but don’t let the lights, glitz, and glam dilute

focus from the truth.

“It is very, very hard and it can be very, very nasty,” Newton said. “What I would say is, you have to be honest with yourself and listen to your gut.”

Newton went on to say if something does not feel right, it probably isn’t.

Newton said he does have some things coming up, such as appearances on MTV shows, but as for now, his main focus will be to help people.



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