Cover ’em up: Best products to hide tattoos

Once donned by only the bikers and outlaws of the world, tattoos have evolved from a symbol of rebel pride to a form of self-expression. The definition of professional, however, remains as stiff and boring as ever.  Those blessed enough to flaunt their tats in the workplace — we envy you. For the rest of us, there are some incredible products out there to cover them up.

Hard Candy makes an awesome concealer, Glamoflauge, which works wonders on tattoos. Its thick formula that makes covering them up a breeze and it won’t discolor your painfully (pun totally intended) beautiful work of art after you wash it off.

You can use it to cover dark under eye circles or stubborn pimples, too. The best part is you can get it for around $6 at Wal-Mart! Just squeeze a liberal amount onto a makeup sponge, blot on, and set with a translucent powder like this one by E.L.F.

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“I love Glamoflauge. For work, all my tattoos have to be covered up,” junior Michelle Litton said. “I found this though, so problem solved!”

If you’re looking for something that lasts a little longer, Tattoo Camo is also a great option. Unlike Glamoflauge, Tattoo Camo is specifically designed to hide a tattoo’s darkest pigments. Where you might have to dab on a couple layers of Hard Candy’s product, this concealer is a one-and-done process.

It works really well for solid black or large tattoos. Though it’s a slightly more expensive at about $35, it’s well worth the price. You can find it on Amazon or at many tattoo parlors across the country.

“Tattoo Camo works really well for me! It’s definitely kind of expensive but it lasts forever and you don’t need very much, so I think it’s worth it!” said sophomore Alex Bigland.

If you have a large tattoo though, Dermablend’s Leg & Body Cover is the best option for you. Unlike Glamoflauge and Tattoo Camo, this product is applied like a lotion instead of a concealer, making it ideal for hiding large pieces. Dermablend has an entire line of products that work with their Leg & Body cover to make covering any size tattoo easy peasy! You can check them all out, along with some amazing before and afters, here at

Gone are the days where having a career means skipping on ink. With these products, you can be a star employee by day and a tattooed vixen by night. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


Alyssa Gibson, senior, hides her tattoo from sight by wearing long pants.(Photo | Trevor Redford)
Alyssa Gibson, senior, hides her tattoo from sight by wearing long pants.(Photo | Trevor Redford)