Craft Beer of the Week: Accumulation

A few things can be expected to happen like clockwork in winter.

The leaves fall, the temperature drops, the roads get icy and unfathomable amounts of snow can descend from the heavens at any moment.

Fortunately, New Belgium Brewing has just the right beer for when the weather orders us to stay inside.

This brewing company is famous for its tasty and popular brews, including Fat Tire and Ranger.

Accumulation, a sharp White India Pale Ale, is crisp, refreshing and fantastic all the way to the bottom of the bottle.

Its strong bitter flavor, backed by its 6.2 percent alcohol content, makes being trapped indoors more than simply bearable – it makes it great.

The strong odor of the brew hits your senses like a fierce punch, letting you know to expect the fullest flavor possible.

New Belgium has had a long-running history of creating fantastic and unique ales throughout each season, all of which are worth trying out.

But like so many brews the company churns up, Accumulation is only available in winter, so be sure to try a bottle before it melts away.