Winter Essentials for Every College Wardrobe

The snow has finally started falling, and although the spring semester is just beginning, we still have a few more months of scraping ice off of our cars and snow off our shoes.

Whether this is your favorite season or you despise it, these winter essentials will keep you warm and ready to brace the snowy tundra that is sometimes known as Mount Pleasant.

Snow Boots

These aren’t the durable boots you wore to run around in the snow when you were younger, but they work just as well.  L.L. Bean and Sorel both offer excellent (and fashionable) winter footgear that keeps the snow out while keeping you in style.

Tech Gloves

By this point in the year, shoving your hands in your pocket just isn’t enough to keep them warm, but the mittens and gloves you normally wear are inconvenient when you need to use your phone. Tech gloves keep your hands from freezing and have the same abilities as your bare hands when it comes to your touchscreen phone. Target offers a cute and affordable pair that are worth picking up on your next trip.

¾ Length Coats

Many would say the worst part of the winter season isn’t the snow – but the freezing cold. Longer coat lengths fix this problem by keeping more of your body heat in than the average-length jacket does.


The beanie has been a steady trend for a couple years now, but who says it can’t be fashionable and practical? North Face makes a multi-use beanie that is made of fleece and is water resistant. Bonus? It comes in colors that match nearly any wardrobe.


This might not be a wardrobe piece, but it’s definitely a winter essential. The Tervis will keep 24 oz. of your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm during your walk to work, class or around campus. The best part: You can find tumblers in practically any color or design your heart desires (even at the dollar store).