Craft Beer of the Week: Granny’s Apple Pie

Have you ever had a dessert that tasted so good you wish you could drink it, too?

If you have, Odd Side Ales has just what you are looking for, so long as you are willing to look hard for it.

Granny’s Apple Pie is a delicious, limited availability ale with cider, milk, sugar and spices added to make it taste like warm apple pie.

The smooth and sweet taste, along with the pungent flavor of fresh apples, will make drinkers temporarily forget they’re drinking an alcoholic beverage and start thinking about homemade desserts.

Granny’s Apple Pie feels warm going down and leaves the acidic aftertaste of apples in your mouth until you take another sip.

There is little need to worry about over indulging since the alcohol content is comparable to the amount domestic beers have. And since this beer is hard to find, it forces you to cherish each sip.

This liquid pie is only brewed for a short time, though, so if you see a bottle, grab it and rejoice – because there are only so many left in circulation.