Cute and Confident: Workout Clothes to Motivate You

Story by Kaylee Winter and photos courtesy of Brittany Noye

Going into the new year, most people have a resolution to work out more often. Having the right workout clothes can make you feel much more confident when going to the gym. Also, wearing cute outfits can make you feel more motivated to get into shape and enjoy doing a workout. Senior Brittany Noye has mastered finding time everyday to workout while also looking cute while doing it.

“There’s no better feeling than putting in effort and seeing results,” said Noye.

Noye likes to buy most of her workout clothes at Nike, Kora, Gymshark and Lulu Lemon. She likes to pair her yoga outfits with high-waisted leggings and a sport bra. When she goes to the gym to work out, she wears leggings most of the time with a workout tank top. When it comes to pairing her outfits, she doesn’t care if both of her tops and bottoms are from the same brand. She just puts on whatever she feels comfortable and confident in to get her workout done, Noye said.