Student Style Spotlight: Alexandria Robinson

Story by Rachel Bednarz, photos courtesy of Alexandria Robinson

“Variety,” this is the one word that sophomore Alexandria “Lexi” Robinson chooses to describe her style. “I have something for just about every occasion,” Robinson says. From athleisure to classy, Robinson sports it all.

When shopping, she looks at the fit of the clothing. Some of Robinson’s favorite stores include Forever 21, Gap, Banana Republic and she works at Nordstrom.

“I have more exposure to different outfits, ways you can wear clothes,” Robinson says.

Working at Nordstrom has had an impact on Robinson’s style, and she sometimes looks at the stylists in the store for inspiration. On top of that, Robinson says she gets most of her fashion inspiration from celebrities like Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, and Elaine Welteroth.

Robinson says that hair and makeup play a large role in how she likes to present herself. Being a student athlete can make it hard to even find time to get ready in the morning, but Robinson says she can never leave without doing her hair.

” I go to track meets with a full face of makeup on,” Robinson says.

“Look good, feel good,” Robinson says about her performance as an athlete. She says that she likes to do her makeup as part of her “warm-up” to get her mind ready before a track meet.

This is a trend that spreads across the entire field of female athletics. Natasha Hastings, a track and field sprinter from New York, even has her own makeup line.

“I always wear a hoop, I have other earrings but I don’t wear them as often,” Robinson says.

“Hoops are more versatile than people think,” Robinson says she likes to pair a stud in her second ear piercing paired with a hoop in her first.

Once again, being an athlete does not stop Robinson from wearing things that make her feel good. She even wears smaller hoops at practice and meets.

Robinson takes pride in the variety of her wardrobe and her versatile style as she takes on course work and practice throughout the week.