Delta Chi, Delta Zeta stand out among Greeks

(Tanya Moutzalias | Grand Central Magazine)

Delta Zeta sorority and Delta Chi fraternity offer students the full Greek experience through social and academic activities and charity events.

Delta Chi and Delta Zeta are two of the 28 sororities and fraternities on CMU’s campus.

“The Delta Chi house breathes character,” Delta Chi President Brandon Brown said. “We are diverse in personalities, but the differences make us a strong fraternity.”

The women of Delta Zeta agree that through the sisterhood, they have created a bond with each other that they would not have experienced if they did not join a sorority.

“We have this saying that we roll eight-deep, which means we are always together,” Delta Zeta President Samantha Duncan said.

Each fraternity and sorority participates in philanthropic activities.

Delta Zeta’s philanthropy is speech and hearing. They put on an annual pancake breakfast to raise money for the CMU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

“We also volunteer at the AIDS Walk, which is hosted by the health professions on September 25,” Duncan said.

Delta Chi supports The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

“We attend a convention every two years to raise money for cancer research,” Brown said. “Delta Chi raises about $1,000 each year for the V Foundation.”

Each sorority and fraternity has different values they follow and standards they uphold.

“One thing that makes Delta Chi so unique is that we believe in the 4 pillars: Friends, character, justice and education,” Brown said.

Fall recruitment started September 11 and lasts through September 17. Throughout the week students are encouraged to visit the sororities or fraternities that interest them.

(Kelly Matloka | Grand Central Magazine)

Duncan joined Delta Zeta her freshman year during fall recruitment.

“The experiences I’ve gained are indescribable,” Duncan said. “The Delta Zeta house has become a home away from home.”

Joining a sorority or fraternity gives students the ability to meet a variety of people while getting involved on campus. The campus activities, volunteer work, and socials open students up to a full college experience.

“I heard Delta Chi was cool,” Brown said. “So I went to the house, knocked on the front door, and told them I wanted to rush.”

Vice President of Delta Chi, Connor Gallagher, joined Delta Chi to meet new and different people.

“After high school graduation people often gravitate toward their high school friends,” Gallagher said. “Joining Delta Chi gave me the chance to meet more people.”

With the increased number of incoming freshman to CMU this semester, the amount of freshman rushing sororities and fraternities is expected to increase as well.

“I always look forward to fall rush,” Gallagher said. “More people rush Delta Chi than any other fraternity on campus.”

After fall recruitment Delta Chi and Delta Zeta will have many new members, and will start planning social activities and events for the year.