Do Your Part for the People of Aleppo

Story by Tessa Harvey
Feature Image via @joannadaquioag

For the past day and a half, I have avoided the news.

I’ve scrolled quickly by the pictures of hurting children, destroyed homes and desperate, innocent families. Selfishly, I didn’t want to see it. I wanted to pretend the world isn’t this cruel; didn’t want to feel the despair that stems from feeling completely unable to help while people, just like you and I, are dying and terrified. I wanted to be able to “stress out” over finals guilt-free.

I’d be lying if I said a part of me still doesn’t feel that overwhelming desire to pretend it’s not happening. But it is, and I won’t.

And neither should you.

Don’t drown out the devastation that is happening. Don’t go to sleep tonight, tucked away in your blankets, awaiting time spent with family, mind free of concern for the people whose lives have been uprooted.

If you’d like to take this moment to catch up on what is happening, here’s where you can learn more.

These people could have been you. These people could have been me. But for today, it isn’t us. We can’t turn away.

We can’t turn away while tragedy after tragedy unfolds before us. We can’t turn away when children are begging to be saved and our fellow humans are stuck between death and an uncertain, but certainly difficult, future.

Politics, race and religion aside, it is our responsibility to fight for and take care of one another, whether that person be your opposite or not.

Today, I am asking you, do your part. Stay educated, stay informed and do what you can to help, whether that be through donation, a Facebook share (someone you know may donate from you!) or other means.

If you are like I was, sad and unsure of how to do your part, try this resource from UpWorthy.