Every Guy Should Own: A fall jacket

With the temperature taking its cue from the leaves —  falling faster than we can keep up — our fall wardrobes are finally becoming useful. Those sweaters you brought all the way from home finally have their time to be put to use.

Now if only we could stop the rain.

The change in the temperature calls for a modified wardrobe—you cannot get by with the stuff you wore this summer anymore.  Regardless of where you’re from or if you “get cold really easily,” you need to own a good fall jacket. It’s fashionable and it keeps you warm.

People come up with ridiculous reasons for not wearing jackets in this weather. I have heard everything from “it’s a hassle to carry in to class” to “it’s not that far of a walk,” and I’m over it.

No one is warm in 30-degree weather, I don’t care who you are. We all know you’re cold, who do you think you’re fooling? I used to not want to wear my jacket too — like when I was six and got pneumonia. Do you see how that worked out for me? Do you want pneumonia? No, you don’t, so put on a jacket and just stop trying to impress all of us with your warm-blooded resistance to the cold, because you look stupid in your short sleeve shirt while the rest of us have scarves on.

Keeping the necessity of scarves in mind, I have drawn up a few guidelines for picking out an appropriate fall jacket.

Look for something neutral, preferably in a darker tone. Many jackets that can be found are shades of khaki, which is usually shown for spring time, so try a hunter green, warm brown, or even black instead.

Don’t be afraid of a new cut. The simple zip up with a collar is always acceptable, but there are so many other cuts that add some fun or edge into your wardrobe. Try a pea coat-style jacket, or maybe something with lapels. I also recommend military style or bowler jackets.

Look for something that will fare well in water, or invest in a rain jacket. I get that those fuzzy North Faces are really popular right now, but every time I see one all I can think is “what happens if it rains?” Doesn’t the fuzz on the outside just soak? Look for something more durable or just get a good rain jacket for those days.

Be sure your jacket fits loose enough to layer so you can use it later in the season. If a jacket is too tight when you have a light shirt on, then it probably won’t fit over that bulky sweater you have been eyeing.

These guidelines should get you through the basics, but the most important thing to remember is that you are purchasing a piece that you love.  This jacket will be with you for a while, so you should probably invest.

photo credit:  http://mrgdfierce.blogspot.com/2011/06/burberry-mens-collection-ss-2012.html#!/2011/06/burberry-mens-collection-ss-2012.html