Face Masks Becoming Fashion Statements

Story and photos by Kaylee Winter

This year has been filled with change and uncertainty. Wearing masks has become normalized, and even became a law in today’s time. For some, masks have also become a new fashion statement.

Individuals have been finding ways to coordinate their masks with their outfits, whether it’s through coloring coordinating, or patterns. Others have used their masks as a way to spread messages, usually in a positive way. Masks have become a new way for one to express themselves.

Professor Jared Halter has used this time to wear masks that spread awareness about social injustice. During web classes, and out in public, he wears a Black Lives Matter mask to let others see that he supports this movement, and to help spread awareness about the social injustice the black community faces.

“I wear BLM and social justice masks to advocate the end of racism,” said Halter.

“For centuries, people of color have been calling for an end to racial injustice and the baseless violence against them. As a white ally, showing visible support is one of the ways I amplify people of color’s voices and advocate for racial justice,” said Halter.

“The visible show of support also brings further attention to how racism is caused by white supremacy, and the responsibility white people have to end it.”

Junior Blake Sutherland, from Rochester, Mich. wears a floral print mask that he loves.

“I’m not sure why, but for some reason it reminds me on my nana,” said Sutherland.

This is another example of how masks can allow people to express themselves and bring them happiness during struggling times.


Wearing a mask is not only a health and safety guideline right now, it has also become a new fashion trend. Finding a mask that sends a positive message, one that brings happiness, or one that simply just goes together with an outfit, is not only allowing you to express yourself, but it is also helping to save lives.

So, mask up and do your part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 by finding a mask that you love.