Five minutes with AMD professor Ian Mull

When you see Ian Mull, he is always dressed up with a tie or bowtie.

He is currently in his second year teaching Apparel Merchandising and Design at CMU, and is one of the most passionate teachers about the subject. Mr. Mull has previously worked as a buyer in California, and knows a thing or two about fashion.

GC: Who is your style icon?

IM: Lapo Elkin, Tim Gunn, Simon Doonan.

GC: Personal style description?

IM: Dapper.

GC: Favorite fashion item?

IM: Alexander McQueen Scarves.

GC: How long would you say it takes you to get ready?

IM: 1 ½ hours.

GC: Favorite accessories?

IM: Bowties and scarves.

GC: Have you had any past jobs related to fashion?

IM: I’ve been a buyer and a manager.

GC: Favorite Store?

IM: Modern Appealing Clothing in San Francisco.

GC: What is your dream luxury product?

IM: A Hermes briefcase or bag.

GC: What’s your style motto?

IM: Dress the part you want! Your body is a canvas.

Photo | Amanda Duzenbury, Staff Photographer