Inspired Fashion: Modern day Disney princesses

Disney princesses have had the same look ever since they were created.

Cinderella, always sweet and kind, has been sporting her trademark blue since the 1950’s. Aurora has been in her bright pink dress awaiting a kiss from Prince Charming since 1959. Snow White, the first of the princesses, has worn vibrant reds and yellows since the 1930’s.

But what would these women wear and look like if they were modern day college students? How would they dress for class? While they might not wear their traditional dresses, they would definitely stick to their respective colors. For September’s Inspired Fashion, Grand Central put together a spread of what some of the Disney Princesses would wear if they were college students today.

Snow White, the youngest of the group, would wear blues, yellows and reds. Our ladies showcased this through a red T-shirt, blue skirt and yellow accessories in the form of high heels and a bright tote. We also gave her red lipstick and a low ponytail.

Cinderella would sport different shades of blue and add a hint of sparkle through her accessories. She might also be seen wearing a headband to play up her hairstyle. The girls of Grand Central Magazine channeled their inner Cinderella with a blue t-shirt and silver accessories. Gladiator sandals, a sparkly headband and lots of silver bracelets, and, of course, Cinderella’s trademark black ribbon, completed the look.

Aurora, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, would wear different shades of pink. Our model sported a preppier look with a hot pink sweater, jeans and wedge heels. She also wore a hot pink ribbon in her hair and floral earrings.

Ariel was bit more difficult (no college student would be caught dead wearing a shell bra), but her colors were easy: different shades of purples and greens. A purple bandeau and green pants did the trick. And don’t forget the fork!

Jasmine, one of the more exotic princesses, would wear different shades of blue and use the color gold for her accessories. She would also wear gladiator sandals. We didn’t have anything blue that really said Jasmine to us, so we dressed our model in a flowy purple crop top and gold bracelets.

While the princesses were created many years ago and it is unlikely to ever see them as modern day college women, it is still fun to put a new twist on an old classic. We looked at five of them- what do you think the rest of the girls would wear?

Photo | Shannon Millard, Photo Editor