Five winter necessities

When the air gets colder and rain turns to snow, campus gets a bit gloomy. However, warming up to winter weather can be a lot easier if you add fashionable winter-weather accessories to your wardrobe. Shop for these winter accessories in different styles, and your favorite colors, to prepare your wardrobe for snowfall.

Earmuffs and knit headbands

Earmuffs are classic winter accessories. They have recently taken on many different shapes and designs, making them even more likeable. Because there are so many designs of earmuffs, anyone can find a pair they like.

Yazmin Sanchez, a freshman from Fennville, says she likes earmuffs because “they keep your ears warm without giving you annoying ‘hat hair’ afterward.”

Knit headbands are also popular when temperatures drop. They keep your ears warm like earmuffs, but are more feminine and add a fashionable touch to staying warm.

“I think they’re great accessories because knit things are very popular. You can style your hair in multiple ways with one, and still look fashionable,” Harrison freshman Cheyenne Willie said.

Making your own knit headband is also a possibility. Due to their growing popularity, finding an online tutorial is a piece of cake.


Boots are obviously a winter staple. Beyond the fact that they keep your feet warm, boots come in so many colors and styles that they make dressing for the winter enjoyable.

Alli Adams, a freshman from Cheasaning, is excited to shop for boots this season.

“There are so many different styles and colors of boots that you can wear them with any winter outfit,” she said.  “I always sleep in in the winter and boots are the easiest thing to slip on when I’m running late,” Adams said.


Outerwear is what everyone sees as you walk outside between classes. Peacoats not only shield low temperatures well, but they also add sophistication to your look.

Freshman James Wilson is a big fan of his American Eagle peacoat.

“I love my peacoat because I got it on sale. It’s so warm and it looks good,” he said.

When buying peacoats, pay attention to the fabric content. Peacoats made mostly of wool will be warmest.

Touch screen-compatible gloves

Touch screen-compatible gloves are the newest addition to winter accessories. Some feature thumbs and index fingers with tips that allow touchscreens to react to your touch, while others are more advanced and allow all ten fingers to operate touchscreens.

“I love them because it’s easier to check my phone or change the song on my iPod without taking my gloves off,” Farmington Hills freshman Becka Franks said.

If you carry a touchscreen electronic device with you, these will ensure your fingers don’t freeze when you want to text someone.


Scarves are a fun way to stay warm during the winter, and are also very versatile. Tying the same scarf in different ways can make for a whole new look.

Salina Bosworth, a sophomore form Constantine said, “they’re cute and they keep you warm at the same time … two birds with one stone.”

Infinite scarves are currently very popular amongst girls on Central’s campus. If you don’t own an infinite scarf, try tying a small knot at the end of your favorite scarf and hide the knot behind your hair. If you wrap the scarf around your neck twice, you can also hide the knot in the excess fabric, and pass a regular scarf off as an infinite scarf. Chunky knit scarves are also very popular. To keep up with this winter trend and save money at the same time, take up knitting this season to make your own.


Photo credit: Amanie McGee