Four songs made for styling your night out

It’s 8 p.m. and you’re about to get ready to go out for the night. What’s the first thing you do before reaching into your closet?

Probably reach for your computer to play some tunes.

Being one of those people who constantly has music on in the background, I’ve come to accumulate quite the collection of playlists for all sorts of occasions. Some songs are perfect for those fresh out of a break-up and others are about loving life (both reasons to go downtown).

Feast your eyes and ears on what I’m listening to lately when it comes to picking myself up off the floor after a long day and slipping into something for a night out.

Songs to Style your Night from Grand Central Magazine on Vimeo.

FU – Miley Cyrus

A relationship gone sour can really make you want to head out and ease your mind. Prior to stepping out the door, be sure to cue this jam. It’s catchy, with a good beat and will leave you feeling like you can take on the world (sans wrecking ball).


Pompeii – Bastille

This upbeat number will keep you on your toes, dancing around your room in front of the mirror and being totally weird (like how everyone is while getting ready). You might even do some jumps to beat while yelling out the lyrics. Apologize to your roommates later.


XOXO — Cherub

I always chuckle after the first line in this song, and once you listen to it, you will know why. You’re warned now that it is explicit, so be sure to have your headphones on if you’re reading this in a quiet coffee shop.  But if you’re listening to this in your apartment and ready to seize the night, turn it up.


The Man — Aloe Blacc    

Right now, this song is best known for being in the Beats by Dre commercial as a total badass song that will make you feel like “the man.” And it does just that. Listen if you’re feeling insecure.