Finding the perfect lip color for your skin tone

Winter can often be bleak and depressing, but your look doesn’t have to be. Let’s be honest, on cold mornings it’s hard to really do anything with yourself. Wearing a standout lip color is an easy and quick way to brighten up your look instantly.

With so many different shades and forms that lip colors come in now-a-days, there is a foolproof formula for everyone.

If you’re feeling like a classic beauty swipe on some red lipstick.  With so many different shades anyone can find one with undertones that flatter their skin.  A great steal for a beauty queen on a budget is ELF cosmetics essential lipstick in Fearless, which will only cost you $1!

Lipstick enthusiast Caroline Brown prefers Mac cosmetics lipstick in Russian Red, saying “The shade is so vibrant and makes my teeth look great!”

This product is a little pricier at $15 but the lip color has been around since the ’80s, so it’s a color you can trust.

If you’re feeling fierce and fashionable, then a plum or burgundy lipstick should be your go-to color. Try and stay away from shades that are too dark during the daytime, however, you could end up looking washed out or even slightly resemble a vampire.

Revlon makes a great blue-based burgundy lipstick, which is great on fairer skin tones. It comes in a crème formula which is great for battling dry winter lips. This shade, Raisin Rage, will cost you about $8 at most drugstores.

If you have a deeper complexion you can get away with a more intense shade. A deep red burgundy would be perfect for you.  Maybelline makes a shade called “Love in Fiery Attitude” that flatters warmer complexions and it is affordable at $7 a tube.

While lipstick is great there a couple don’ts for winter lipstick. First of all, you cannot put lipstick on dry lips. Try exfoliating them gently with a washcloth and don’t forget to use lip balm to keep them smooth. Secondly, colors like bright pinks and orange or tangerine shades simply aren’t for winter, break those out when spring rolls around.