Getting Involved has Never Been so Healthy: Project Mind Grow

Story by Ally Streich
Feature image via Project Mind Grow Facebook

Interested in getting on the right track with your eating habits but don’t really know where to start?

Lucky for you, there’s a new student organization offered for all students at Central Michigan University to join and learn more about the importance of nutrition to keep you healthy – Project Mind Grow.

“We really appreciate getting the word out that the group exists and welcomes everyone. In fact, it is really cool to see people from different backgrounds at our events,” said Kait Rethman, an active member of the program.

Angela Reich,  a dietetics major and the creator of the RSO, explained what she’s trying to get out of this program.

“I am hoping to educate as many students on all topics of nutrition and allow them the opportunity to learn how to eat healthy,” Reich said. “Changing eating habits is hard, so we really like to stress that starting somewhere is better than nothing and no one will be able to change overnight.”

Along with the regular meetings, the program also offers many events that members can attend to help them keep learning about the subject.

“By putting on the different events, I am also able to put what I have been learning in my dietetic courses into real action,” Reich said. “Other members that have joined are eager to educate as well. We all have a passion for nutrition and love helping others.”

Project Mind Grow hopes to not only benefit for students as they receive education to better their health, but it will also give students an opportunity to be apart of a club and get involved on campus.

“We love to see new faces and hope all of our events are filled with people,” Reich said. “We do have a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. By liking our Facebook page, (Project Mind Grow), you will be able to see all of our events, the dates, and upcoming meetings.”