Grand Central Editors’ Media Guilty Pleasures

Story by Juliana Kampf
Photos courtesy of GC’s editorial staff 

Have you ever been afraid that someone was going to judge your media-consuming habits? Well fear no more! Grand Central Magazine’s editorial staff has decided to blaze that trail for you by revealing their media related guilty pleasures for your media viewing pleasure.


Editor-in-Chief, senior Tessa Harvey:

Watched all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in five weeks.


Managing editor, junior Jordan Price:

Has read almost all of the autobiographies written by U.S. Olympic women gymnasts.



Photo editor senior,  Xavier-Thomas Mendoza:

His acoustic playlist includes Justin Bieber acoustics all the time.




Photo editor,  senior Kayde Hambaum:

Listens to broadway playlists.



Video director, freshman Zachary Newhouse:

Watches sneaker Youtuber reviews in his free time.


Style and Beauty editor, junior Hailee Kaske:

Listens to Snooki’s podcast, “It’s Happening,” every Thursday.

Still watches Drake and Josh on Hulu.


Food and Wellness editor, senior Chanda Crenshaw:

Binge watches old episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Constantly watches makeup tutorials… but still can’t apply her own makeup.


Public Relations director, junior Samantha Cuneo:

If “Twilight” is on T.V., she’s hype.

Watches hip hop dance videos. Every. Single. Day.


Arts and Entertainment editor, senior Juliana Kampf:

Owns all of the 90s anime, “Sailor Moon,” on DVD and watches it regularly.

Stays up late watching “Tasty” videos on Facebook when she’s hungry.


Student Lifestyle editor, senior Clarissa Kell:

Stays up into the wee hours of the morning taking BuzzFeed quizzes.

Keeping up with the Kimye vs Taylor feud.


Art Director, junior Megan Moomey: 

Watches every single Snapchat news story.

Watches vegan cooking videos, but never makes them.