Gym etiquette: Do’s and don’ts during your workout

With the start of every new year comes a fresh set of New Year resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions always seems to be getting back into shape — a visit to any gym would validate this. Every January they become packed with people trying to get a fresh start with a healthy lifestyle.

Before you slip into those workout clothes and lace up your brand new pair of tennis shoes, keep in mind the proper etiquette associated with any public gym.


Change into your shoes when you get inside

The winter months in Michigan come with a lot of snow and salt. Tracking it inside is inevitable, which makes it important to change to workout shoes when inside. If there are signs asking to wipe shoes on a mat before entering, it is for a good purpose because it keeps the machines clean and safer to use since they’ll stay dry.


If the gym is busy, respect time limits

The gyms in January are as crowded as the beach during summertime. Although it may feel like you struck gold when you snag the last treadmill, chances are there is another person waiting for you to get off of it. When this is the case stick to a 30-minute time limit so that others can get a turn, too.


On that note, do not hog the weight machines

Although you may have a great weight lifting rotation going, this is not your home gym, so stick to one machine at a time. If the gym is empty, go for it, but during busy days it is important to be respectful of others working out. Do multiple reps and then move on to the next machine.


Save phone calls for after

The gym is not the place to answer an incoming call about the latest gossip. If the call is important, take it elsewhere. People don’t want to listen to a phone conversation while they are trying to get in the zone. Although your mother may disagree, her phone call can wait.


Watch the volume on music

A playlist is a great way to amp yourself up during a workout routine, but make sure that it is for your ears only. The guy next to you might not enjoy the latest One Direction song as much as you, and you might not be keen on hearing the music that charges his workout.


Wipe down the equipment when finished

Getting into a hard workout and sweating it out? Chances are you will be wiping your hard work all over the machine you are using. The next person does not want to touch your dried sweat. Gyms will offer towels and spray, so take a minute and wipe down the machine after working out.

Like any public place, there is a certain code of etiquette to follow. While you are dominating your New Year resolution, make sure you are respecting those around you and remember, those sweatpants got their name for a reason. It is not a beauty contest. Work hard and sweat out all those calories you consumed during dinner in the cafeteria.