Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Part Two

With Halloween right around the corner, most Chippewas have their costumes finalized – right?

If you don’t, you might find yourself in a bit of a bind as you shop this final week before the holiday.

Even with three Halloween shops in town, waiting until the last minute to get your costume could make it difficult to not get stuck with wearing that bumblebee costume again.

However, making your costume keeps things interesting. It even allows you to avoid those three Halloween nightmares: breaking the bank, creating a costume that doesn’t look good and having to wear a costume from a past Halloween.

Not only does it allow you to avoid costume nightmares, creating your costume also increases your chances of being exactly what you want to be for Halloween.

When making your costume, you have the utmost creative freedom, and you won’t get caught wearing the same costume as 50 other students.

Halloween Heroes

A popular costume genre for both men and women is superheroes. A Wonder Woman costume can be achieved with a red top and a blue skirt. You can continue down the simple route with a red T-shirt or tank top, or get your hands on a red tube top to look more like the hero herself.

With your blue skirt, you can add white stars cut from paper or fabric, and affix them to the skirt in many ways – fabric glue, double sided tape or safety pins pinned form the inside to hide them.

Paper is a cheap, easy route, but felt stars are just as easy. Cheap felt remnants from Joann’s or Walmart can help take your costume to the next level.

When tying together your Wonder Woman costume, you can find an accessory kit at costume and party stores. Most costumes don’t include the accessories or details that bring the costume together. Since you will have to buy these separately, why not make the costume yourself and then spend a little on the accessories. Even better, accessory kits can cost as little as $7.

Be Despicable

With the success and popularity of “Despicable Me,” minion costumes haunt store after store. To make this costume your own, get a pair of blue overalls, pants, shorts or even a skirt with a yellow shirt and black shoes.

To make your minion attire truly unique, consider swapping your yellow T-shirt for a crop top, a long sleeved shirt or a button down shirt. You can also choose the wash of your overalls and even make your shoes – sneakers, boots or heels – cater to the overall look you want.

To finish the costume, don’t forget the final detail: your minion goggles. You can also use a stretchy headband to create big eyes just like the minions in the film.

You can make your goggles out of tape, forming them in the shape of a circle or creating your big eyes headband out of cardboard.

Don’t forget to put the “G” seen on the minion uniforms. Get felt fabric remnants and cut the “G” in the size you want and use fabric glue to affix it to the front of your overalls.

Goodwill Hunting

Accessories and fabrics are necessary for complete outfits, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Depending on what you need, Goodwill is a great option.

With the wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories, Goodwill should be your first step. You can find overalls and gloves for minion costumes, crowns for princesses and hats for magicians.

Still not sure what to be? Use these ideas and those from Part One to finalize your costume and assure that you have a wickedly fun Halloween.