Hot or Not: Knit scarves

With classrooms at unpredictable temperatures it is always smart to dress in layers. Sometimes wearing a sweatshirt is not enough to keep the coldness away, so adding a scarf to one’s outfit is perfect for bundling up then unraveling in class.

Some girls even get into the school spirit by wearing maroon scarves with a CMU sweatshirt.

Girls on campus are not only wearing knit scarves to keep warm, but also as a fashion trend. These scarves come in different styles, such as an infinity scarf or the classic scarf.  But do guys like this trend as much as girls do?

“I think chunky scarves are cool for some people, but there becoming too prevalent in popular fashion,” said Mark Fairbrother, a junior from Shelby Township.

“It is unnecessary and they are drawing attention to themselves. If it is not serving a purpose, then they should not wear it,” said Nick Stemberger, a senior from Plymouth.

“I feel that it is fine, it just depends on what they are wearing. It also depends on how big the scarf is,” said Zack Ramirez, a senior from Allen Park.

“It doesn’t bother me unless the scarf is loud and is not a neutral color. If you have on a bright color I feel it turns into a look at me show and not a lets pay attention to class,” said Jawanza Hill, a junior from Detroit.

Verdict: As long as the scarf is a neutral color, it is OK to wear to class. Plus, neutrals go with more outfits. Some popular colors to try right now are tan and black. Make sure you have enough scarves to get you through the winter.


Photo credit: Laura Ducharme