HOW TO: Add some sparkle to your life

You can never go wrong with a little bit of sparkle to brighten up your outfit, so why not put it on your nails?

Nail art is very interesting to look at but very hard to achieve. But don’t worry; you can still make your nails interesting with just a hint of sparkly nail polish! And there are multiple ways to do it.

The first way is to paint your nails one solid color and then paint the tips with sparkly nail polish, like a French manicure. You may want to paint your nails a light color, if you desire the same classy look a French manicure gives.

Another way to add some sparkle to your nails is to do the opposite of a French manicure. Paint your nails a solid color and instead of putting sparkly nail polish at the tips, put glitter by your cuticle. This unexpected placement is a fun way to grab people’s attention.

If you want even more glitter, then you can paint one fingernail full with the sparkly nail polish. Paint your nails one solid color and then choose one finger to put the sparkles on (most people chose their ring fingers). Put as much or as little glitter on as you want. Some people still like to see the color under the sparkles, while others like their nail to be completely covered.

If that still isn’t enough glitter then you can combine those two looks. Paint your nails one solid color and put glitter on either the tips of your nails or near your cuticles. Choose one fingernail and cover it in glitter. Now each of your nails sparkles!

For a more fun look, paint all of your nails different colors and then put a light layer of sparkly nail polish on top of that. The little bit of shimmer will make your colorful nails stand out. You could even do the sparkly French manicure with the colorful nails.

With sparkly nails you don’t want too much of a distracting outfit. Keep any shining accessories you may have to a minimum. For the amount of effort you put into your nails, you want to make them the center of attention.

Just about every nail polish company makes sparkly nail polish, so you are sure to find one that you like. Once you find one you like buy it in multiple colors. A girl can never have too many sparkles in her life.