How to: Game Day Makeover for Old Jeans

Story by Audriana Chenoweth

Photos by Audriana Chenoweth and Tess Ware

Scrolling through the explore page of Instagram, videos of painting can typically be found. Although people are not just painting canvases anymore, they’re painting clothes. From shoes to jackets and jean pockets, the artwork adds a pop of personality to any piece of clothing.

In order to paint jean pockets, or any clothing article really, the needed materials include:

-Acrylic paints of choice

-Paint brushes

-Water cup

-Blow dryer

-Writing utensil (pen is preferable)

-Masking tape.

To begin lay the jeans flat with the pockets up. Tape the edges of pockets to prevent paint from getting where it is not supposed to be. Make sure it is thoroughly pressed down because it will leak around the pockets of the jeans.

From there, it is best to paint the pockets fully white first to make sure there is an even base layer and it will allow the colors to come through more than if it was just on the denim. Blow drying between each step of painting is not necessary but recommended to help the process go along faster and will help keep the paint from cracking quicker.

Once the base layer is dry, sketch out the design that is planned to be painted with a pen. To make the paint a little thinner, just add some water to it on a plate and mix before painting.

From the sketch on the jeans, just paint out the design until you like the way that it looks.

After the pockets are dry check for empty spots between the fibers where the paint may have seeped into the material and fill them in for an even paint job.

Remove the masking tape from the jeans after the paint is dry, and the pants are ready to wear.