HOW TO: Make a costume from pieces you already own

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t bought your Halloween costume yet, don’t worry. Pinterest has many do-it-yourself costume ideas for people on a budget.

One of these costume ideas includes Sandra D. from “Grease,” after she goes bad. This costume is probably the easiest one to pull off and it won’t cost a lot of money. In fact, you probably already have the items in your closet.

First, you need to find a pair of black skinny jeans. Leather jeans would work, too, in this case. Next, you need a tight black crop top and a black leather jacket. Then, to top it all, off add a pair of red high heels, a pair of hoop earrings and tease your hair.

Anybody who has seen the movie “Grease” will have no trouble knowing who you are for Halloween.

(Photo Illustration | Brianna Owczarzak)
(Photo Illustration | Brianna Owczarzak)


Another last minute Pinterest inspired costume is for all of the Disney fanatics out there. This costume is simple and won’t cost a lot of money, especially since you probably already have the mouse ears lying around.

Minnie Mouse is a fun, cute, easy costume to pull off. All you need for this costume is a red and white polka-dotted shirt, a black skirt, white leggings and red high heels. Then for the finishing touches you just add the mouse ears, a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and the mouse gloves if you’ve managed to get a pair on your last trip to Disney World.

For this costume, you can also use eyeliner to draw on a little mouse nose and whiskers.

On Pinterest there’s another Disney inspired do-it-yourself costume, but this costume could be a little pricey unless you already have the items in your wardrobe. This costume is Mary Poppins and if you have a date, your date can go as the chimney sweeper!

To pull off the Mary Poppins costume, you need a white long sleeve shirt, a long navy skirt, black tights and black high heels. Then the accessories for this costume are endless. You could add a red bow tie, a red belt, white gloves, a hat and of course an umbrella and a giant handbag.

For the chimney sweeper costume your date needs a gray long sleeve button up shirt, a grey vest, black suspenders, black pants, black shoes and a broom. They could also add an old fashioned looking hat and a red tie.

If they really want to look the part, they could use dark eyeshadow to add a dirty look to their face.

For more Pinterest inspired Halloween costumes visit Pinterest’s Halloween page.