HOW TO: Make the most of your scarf

Fall is here and winter is well on its way in, which means that it’s high time to dig out our scarves and add them to our already layered-up outfits. Aside from having that woolly, keep-you-warm scarf while walking to class, scarves are quickly moving up in the fashion world. They can be found in all sorts of different materials ranging from silk to cotton to chiffon, and are a great add-in to any outfit. The possibilities of things you can do with them are endless. Try any one of these ideas the next time you are browsing through your collection:

Play up the traditional loop around the neck by adding in accessories. Match your earrings and a ring to the hue of your scarf, or go for a contrast with an oversized necklace that peeks out from under the loop of the scarf.

Twist the traditional look a little by holding the ends of your scarf together to form a loop, wrapping it around your neck and pulling the ends through to form a looser loop with the fringed ends poking out.

Keep it long and dangly by simply wearing it — no wrapping or twisting necessary. This is a great look for those of us who like to pile on jewelry and other accessories because the scarf adds to your outfit but does not overwhelm it.

Branch out! Don’t be afraid to look online for ideas for new and innovative ways to wear your scarf. Many scarves come with a sheet of different ways to wear them as well. Check your favorite stores for new selections and different materials.

Not only are there endless ways to wear them, but there are endless ways to DIY an awesome scarf for yourself. Start with a plain (or patterned, the sky is the limit) scarf and head to your nearest craft store for supplies. Consider:

Making your own! Simply find a material or fabric that you like and cut a rectangle in a length that works for you. Sew a decorative fringe on the end or for an unfinished look, fray the edges or cut long tears on the end to imitate the traditional fringe of a scarf.

Arranging safety pins in the shape of your choosing for a nonpermanent look, or march them up the sides of the scarf for a punk-military feel.

Grabbing rhinestones, studs, gems or sequins and gluing them on for a sparkly look. Line them up in geometric rows or scatter them along the ends of scarf.

Taking some neon paint and making your scarf a splattered statement. Or think back to your days as a kindergartner and finger-paint to your heart’s content. An especially cute idea is to grab a friend (or that special someone) and put a pair of handprints on your scarf, right over your heart.

Whatever you do, make sure you personalize it to your individual style, and remember to have fun with it. It’s fashion, and it’s your fashion — whatever you say goes.


Photo credit: Morgan MacDermaid