Kaya’s Battle of the Mic finalist: Micah Bracken

Micah Bracken is not a left-brained person. Nor is he a right-brained person. Instead of choosing sides, he utilizes both: Bracken is a geography major, exercising logic and precision at times; being a musician, he lets his creativity and ideas grow into songs.

Bracken is from Mount Pleasant originally and was brought up constantly surrounded by music; something that he says has had a positive effect on him.

“It gave me a solid base to build my own tastes off of,” Bracken said.

Growing up around music has set a standard for him; all three of his siblings have gone on to tour nationally and Bracken is motivated to do the same someday with his band, The Newday Dreamers.

The band formed with Bracken and his friends from high school, starting off doing mostly covers and not taking things too seriously. Once graduated, they went on to write their own music and now play several venues around the state regularly, frequenting local Mount Pleasant bar, Rubble’s.

Playing in bars constantly with a band is a more comfortable setting for Bracken, but he enjoys playing by himself at Kaya Coffee House as well. There he can showcase more of the music that he wants to write, solely for himself. When he’s performing this music for himself, the criticism is less important to him as well.

Self-criticism is a different story, though.

“I think its good to be critical of your own work,” he said. “It allows you to grow and better yourself, you can use it as motivation to do better work.”

Bracken tries to stay humble about making music. He’s creating music that he is proud of but at the same time being aware of what else is out there. This is his way of expressing himself, and he can only hope to do so in the best way that he can to the best of his abilities.

“Lots of people take it too seriously,” Bracken said in regard to making music. “I like to think that I can make serious music while not taking myself too seriously.”

The Newday Dreamers is where most of his serious musical efforts go to, and although the band is only staying statewide currently, he hopes to someday see the rest of the country on tour.

Adam Marth, another member of The Newday Dreamers and another Battle of the Mic finalist, had talked to Bracken about possibly collaborating for the final show which will take place Wednesday, Mar. 21, at 8 p.m.