Let’s Talk About Makeup Brushes

Contour brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes – oh my!

As the makeup brush family continues to grow and our makeup bag gets fuller, it’s only normal to question: What the heck do these brushes do!?

It’s safe to say you’re not alone in the question game of which one is which. That’s why we’ve debunked the use of these top five brushed in your bottomless makeup bag.

Foundation Brush

Stop applying your concealer and liquid foundation with your hands and switch to a foundation brush. Your end result will be smooth and complete coverage you can’t get enough of.

Make sure to look specifically for an angled foundation brush to get a full-bodied effect.

Powder Brush

Avoid the cloth pads your pressed powder comes with and grab a powder brush.

The powder brush will guarantee shear and weightless coverage to your entire face without the streaks or blotchiness. Grab a brush with a full, soft bristle tip to capture the powder and distribute it evenly.

Contour Brush

This edgy brush will seamlessly blend your contour while leaving your best facial features amplified.

Look for the soft-bristled and slightly-angled brush in order to achieve noticeable definition.

Eye-Shadow Brush

Your eyes are are a tell-tale feature that deserve to be magnified. Make them pop by using the correct brush to apply your eye shadow.

Not only can using the wrong brush leave your shadow looking like a hot mess, but also it will distract from your beautiful natural color.

Be sure to be gentle on your delicate lids with a small, soft bristle brush that will curve with your eyelid’s shape.

Lip Brush

Who knew even your lips needed their own special brush? Well, they do – and it will change your life.

For all of our lavish lipstick ladies, use a fine lip brush to apply your lipstick and perfect any finishing touches. Lipstick is best applied with a brush that has a small, soft, narrow tip to gently define your lips.

Brush Care:

Before you begin to peruse Sephora’s magnificent wall of brushes, heed this piece of advice.

Give your brushes some TLC every now and then to receive their maximum effect.

Clean them as often as you can by washing them with warm water and antibacterial soap. Doing this will help avoid breakouts from dirty brushes and will help your brushes last longer.

It’s official, you’re ready to begin your makeup brush adventure. Good luck and happy contouring!